founder Medimee

Let me introduce myself. My name is Monique. I am an active, working woman, mother of 2 children and since a few years unfortunately also a heart patient.

I feel responsible for my medication but I quickly noticed that this is not so easy. Especially if I have to take medication, I quickly lost the overview. Besides, I struggled to protect my meds properly. That's what got me to design Medimee bags.

My heart condition has changed my life a lot. Before my heart condition, I rarely used any medication. Every once in a while I would use a paracetamol or a cream against eczema. But with the arrival of my heart condition, my medicine cabinet also grew.

At home I manage to keep my medicines well organized. The paper medicine boxes I pick up at the pharmacy are always neatly sorted in a cupboard. I have classic pill organizers in all colors of the rainbow in which I sort my tablets for the entire week. My bedside table looks like a super tightly organized desktop so it's immediately visible what medications I need to take at a certain moment of the day. So much for being in complete control of my medication.

The problem

Like many other Dutch people, I like to travel. We like to take a break with the family. Sometimes a short city trip, sometimes also a long trip for which we catch the plane. Besides the regular travel medication, my personal medications also have to come along. Only..... when traveling, my system no longer works. Worse still, it is now becoming a completely disorganized chaos. What's going wrong?

The drugs should be taken in their original packaging. But so many paper boxes don't fit and the boxes don't survive. The plastic sorting boxes that are on my bedside table turn out to be a nightmare when traveling. Lids sometimes open unintentionally, customs would like to know what is in them (well, I don't remember which pill belongs to which medication on the list) and my bags with my medication are sometimes in a hot car or bus for hours. Besides, when I put blister packs loose in my toiletry bag, I don't know whether or not I took the pills. And with all that packing and unpacking my bags, I sometimes just lose pills. Don't ask me how, I still don't know.


Monique small

What I did next

But given my optimistic nature, I like to think in solutions. All over the world I have searched for bags or cases that are suitable to organize and protect my medicines. Unfortunately, not a single bag or case met all my wishes. At that moment I started designing my own case. First I made a drawing and then started to create them myself on the sewing machine. Then tried out in practice, redesigned and started making again. And that's just as long until a perfect design is created. Now, 5 years later, I have made several designs by hand that I think are convenient and practical. People around me are excited and askme all the time if I can make one for them.

Work together

In order to market medical bags and cases that are of good quality, I started working with a professional bag manufacturer in the Netherlands who has many years of experience in producing bags. This way, my medical bags will be available for everyone who wishes to take along their medicines safely and organized. With my medication bags I hope to make a small contribution to all patients who need to take (many) medications and want to take them along safely and organized. Then traveling becomes even more fun. Bon Voyage!

Six fun facts about me

travel figure with plane

I like to travel the world if my budget allows. On my bucket list are Japan, Canada and New Zealand.


I started my career as an occupational therapist in healthcare. In recent years I have been working as a part-time English teacher in a secondary school. I still do this job with great pleasure and can't imagine a better job.


I lived in America for two years. One year before my studies in Georgia and one year I worked as an occupational therapist at a hospital in Iowa.


Music is my passion. I like to listen to beautiful songs but also play the piano myself.


My husband and my two growing teenagers are the most important people in my life.


You can always wake me up for sushi or a good Italian meal.