Dealing with medication can be a tricky job. Have a good overview of all your medications. Don’t lose any medicine. Ensure that the medicines are not damaged by temperature differences or dents. Keep drugs out of the reach of children. Explain to others what you take when you need to, not to mention: be able to find your medications if you need them. It’s not easy. Medimee cases are designed to make life with medication a little easier when you leave home. So that you keep an overview, protect the medicines well and still have them in an unobtrusive pouch nearby. That makes you feel safe!.

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The roletui is a godsend!

With ease I take my 4 medications for 3 weeks holiday in 1 case. It’s very uncluttered and yet a small package to take with you. I have the fifth course left, but also very suitable for other small things such as alcohol wipes or needles. Highly recommended for anyone taking medication.


Never want to live without it again

The Bookstyle bag I have been in use for a week now and find it really a handy thing. I finally have my meds together and easy to spot. That’s a little different than the jars and boxes I put in my toiletry bag. And that it is isolated I find a real plus when you go on holiday with the caravan.